Bokeh Dance

14 comments on “Bokeh Dance”

  1. Love it Elaine! The processing is perfect – I’m not sure if I’m looking at an old photo or something other-worldly!

  2. very creativelove the title, sounds like the title of a new disco hit 🙂

  3. Fantastic dream-like quality. Love the light. Out-of-this world..ethereal!!!

  4. now, is it on or not yet?

  5. not yet lol

  6. What a wonderful ghost like image! Very good!

  7. lol! dig the title, so how do the steps look like? ;D

  8. cooldig this version

  9. halloo! 😀 let’s do the bokeh dance! ( i like how it sounds!! )

  10. great processing on this photo. I like her expression here too.

  11. You are very, very creative, Elaine! This image is inmpressive and very well done. BRAVO!

  12. How sunny !

  13. Creative shot, like the washed out / overexposed look.

  14. I love the way this one pops. I am digging your new websites new look.

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