Its not easy being green

my niece was being a frog and jumping around, so i painted her green 🙂

12 comments on “Its not easy being green”

  1. Great angle and processing! Love the blur.

  2. ton flouté est adorable

  3. a mysterious frog :)dig it

  4. Yep shes green… nice motion blur and processing

  5. nice processing.. Watchout!! there’s a frog behind u

  6. Géniaaaal, you are back! I am happy to find you Elaine… 😉 Your universe is always so magnificent, moreover I still turn it little… 😉 Congrats !

  7. Love your you’ve seen and framed this.

  8. lol! that’s hilarious, well, it really is fun playing around with kids.. 😀

  9. excellent processing and theme

  10. Makes sense to me, Elaine. 😀

  11. Nice work, this has a bit of a David Lynch movie feel to it, I think because of the green and the blur.

  12. liked the blurry effect!

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