In the Light

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  1. Great details…very sharp !

  2. Love it – the single water drop is simply perfect. I also like the almost monochrome color scheme.

  3. j’adore cette photo. elle a un air étrangement de tristesse et de nostalgie…ce qui est étrange pour une simple feuille!

  4. this is beautiful, love that waterdrop

  5. cool bright details and greens! nicely framed and isolated.

  6. I like the drop that goes downwell done

  7. Exquisite detail. Love the simplicity..the color..and the single drop of water. Perfect!!!

  8. Great details, very well done! Best regards, Andrei.

  9. love the green leaf, the veins, and the patterns. the leaf staying away – out of focus adds to the mood 🙂

  10. Great picture, that single drop adds to the picture, and very nice use of dof… but where is the stop button??? I knew there was a reason for leaving my pc muted most of the time.

  11. i like how it stands out in that dark background.. very nice shot! 🙂

  12. So tender. I like that one droplet of moisture.

  13. So sharp , i like the light , beautiful macro

  14. beautiful … excellent dof … very fine work!

  15. Yeah, great photo! Excellent detail and the waterdrop fits very well.

  16. Beautiful drop of water, excellent!!

  17. Simple and beautiful Elaine. The drop in the middle is definitive.

  18. Cool shot…love the light and the position of the drop is perfect. Nice catch 🙂

  19. Hey Elaine, I really like this one. That shade of green is awesome and it really stands out from the darker background.

  20. Really nice macro! Love all the details and the shades of green!

  21. oh — i simply LOVE this shot — it is perfect! and strangely sentimental… which makes me love it more of course!! magical light!! lovely texture!! kiss kiss kiss!!! xoxox

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