boy and dog

thank you Tammy!!!!

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  1. Cool shot, looks like the kid is about to give your dog a taste of his fist though… Hope not. Nice processing too

  2. Too cute! But the dog looks scared, lol. Great capture!

  3. Lovely scenery, colors and light !

  4. awww .. that’s our little man and coco cutie

  5. Priceless, Elaine. And YAAAAY, the link worked!

  6. very beautiful moment – I like the expression, the colors and the vignette

  7. you’re back! i know you have been messing with your website, but whenever i tried to visit, i got an error message. i figured you were either working on your site, or you had a problema mejeur. well, i learned a good lesson;i will save your website as a favorite. if i haven’t already, and not rely completely on links.

  8. boy and boy’s best friend at its best! =]

  9. I like the texure of your images ..all have that dreamy fairytale feel about them.

  10. That is so very cute.

  11. that’s cute.. they do have a connection.. 😀

  12. Very sweet. Feels like an old photograph. (I had a terrible time finding your site)

  13. " You lay a hand on me and I’ll bite yer face off…." I’d like to see the follow up shot with them both wrestling on the ground, E. Ha haNeat shot and processing.

  14. Friends at each second!

  15. Like a family movie, love the warm tones & play feeling

  16. A new blog ? Very beautiful ! ;-)Adorable, of the tenderness, the complicity… I really like it ! 🙂

  17. You are very welcome!!! I’m glad you are enjoying playing with your images in a new way. This is a special picture. The softness you’ve added speaks words of "love"….

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