Painted Arrows and a Bottle of Wine, mama


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  1. Nice one – very graphic feel to this, reinforced by the processing. It also goes nicely with the previous post.

  2. and a bottle of wine, mama? that sounds very mysterious.the arrow is pointing downwards, towards hades, hell hath no furyand all that. keep your ear to the ground, one if by land.she walks into the room, in her housecoat, almost furiousbecause, she said apologetically, i hate to bother, i hate to worrybut i’m curious about the arrow, and the path you have planned.

  3. and delicious colors….really nice, Elaine.

  4. Cute little arrow. Love the textures!

  5. Love the simplicity..the colors and textures. So glad to be finally back – :-)!!!!

  6. I follow you, it’s ok 🙂 Simple and effective… Bravo !

  7. "It’s just a bottle of wine (pass it over) / It’s just a broken white line (I’m still sober) / It’s just a whole lot of time in the twilight zone / Between me and these friends of mine" (Jackson Browne)That is a helluva gritty beauty, Elaine. This one really rocks. This one got it all: The best title, beauty & grace. Five stars out of five, my dear. Great photograph! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. Hmmm..I love the title! And the arrow..and where it may take him?

  9. A bottle of wine? This is a sweet word for the donkey ears!

  10. I like the vignette and the texture

  11. My day has followed this arrow all the way downhill :-/ This is simple but highly effective, this will go up there as one of my favs from you and I dig it!! 🙂

  12. très belles matières.

  13. I love shots like these, simple everyday things brought to center focus by the lens. Very nice job Elaine…

  14. great colours, love it! 🙂

  15. Simple, but excellent processing! Very cool.

  16. I like this simplicity and your processing in lomo style makes it all the more cool 🙂

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