17 thoughts on “Man-Made Pretty

  1. These buildings remind me of the forest of condo towers that have gone up in uptown Dallas the last few years. Whispy, sort of light architecture. Your soft treatment goes well with the subject.

  2. the grayed-out windows look like suspenders. which is fine,i like buildings that wear suspenders and bow ties. i like comb-oversand toilets that flush; and yellow lights that show off yellow teethand yellow appliances and yellow shag rugs. buildings shouldbe wrapped in plastic. kids shouldn’t be allowed to climb on them.

  3. children are delightful creatures with big heads indeed.i believe in lip feeding. i don’t believe in artificial lips, pacifiers or sugar water.this is why i wear a lip bra: my lips are always engorged, sore and inflamed.i take a lip pump with me wherever i go. running out of "la lip leche" would be tragic.

  4. i told my husband i thought that was true- that your lips get dependent on blistex, carmex, chapstick.thank you for confirming it, even if it isn’t what i want to hear. because my lips always feel dry too.(if it was said on oprah, it has to be true). now, where is my nasal inhaler?

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