23 thoughts on “Salt n’ Peppa

  1. who makes those salt-and-pepper shakers? i see them everywhere. and some of them are so old, the tops are smushed in. apparently, they last forever- like bottles of ketchup. no matter how much ketchup you use at restaurants, the bottles are always full.don’t people know ketchup needs to be refrigerated? (it says so on the bottle). i’m hardly ever hungry. i eat breakfast, a late mid-afternoon lunch and a snack for dinner, usually fruit and animal crackers.if i ate six times a day, i’d be hungry all the time too, because your body learns to expect it. yes, its better for you, one metabolizes small meals better.metabolize. that’s a funny word, something i’d expect to hear at a bull fighting ring. "the matador metabolized the bull with his cape…"did you ever loosten the cap on a pepper shaker? so the next diner shakes pepper on their potatoes and the top falls off, and all the pepper pours out?i’m sure there is a special place in hell for people who do that, populated with angry, metabolized bulls. throw some pepper in his face, fiddy, make da bull goes away.

  2. people don’t just decide one day to be evil or bad. they make small moral compromises which accumulate over time.i’m sorry for the salt-misfortune you have endured; the wing pulling,puppy kicking, sand throwing, tongue wagging evil that happensin the world most likely, probably, surely, isn’t all your fault.

  3. favicon? is that the icon of you scratching your head? ya, i see it when you make comments.but in the ‘about me’ section, all i see is a box with red x in it where your picture should be.also, you shouldn’t be depressed- you are joyous and you believe dreams come true.

  4. you are going to think i’m stupid. in the browser bar at the top, when i’m at encore seraphine url, the icon is the windows flag.when i’m on your page, elaine remains, the icon is a black, square box. is that what you mean?

  5. of course, square space, i should have made the connection.no i don’t use firefox. i keep everything as "basic" as i can.i have enough computer problems without getting too fancy.i try to take more stuff off- rather than add things on.

  6. and nothing for me who prefer….sugar ?? ;-)beautiful shot Elaine , i love the treatment and the angle , call me when steak is readyhave a great day

  7. Oh i have one of this kind to post (with a bird in addition), love your treatment, they look like huge buildings in a Metropolis-like mood ! Stunning tones

  8. Great shot of the shakers, I’ve had a soft spot for them since I was a kid. And yes, I was one of those people who loosened the caps on them so their contents spilled when next used. I guess I’m going to hell….

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