This Kiss, This Kiss!


20 comments on “This Kiss, This Kiss!”

  1. Awesome shot, Elaine. Great texture in the skin and whiskers. I really dig this one.

  2. One of my favorite songs, Elaine…but it would NOT be with a dog! 😀

  3. such tender love shown on this monochrome photo, nicely done elaine. =]

  4. True love and devotion!!! So intimate and sweet!!!

  5. a lovely moment!

  6. For sure they like each other !

  7. Really nice gritty shot! I really like it, Very real in all aspects.

  8. looks like love to

  9. Mmmm…Love!!!Beutiful! 😀

  10. When some of the most important person of your life are sharing such a complicity, I imagine that you are the happiest photographer on the web!

  11. " urghhh! We agreed no tongues, dad! " If you look closely, it’s difficult to tell where the thumb ends and the dog begins….. maybe it’s a glove puppet. Neat shot, E

  12. Oh!!!! What love… Elaine, this is fantastic shot!

  13. Lots of love, great portrait! Fantastic bw!

  14. It looks like true love.

  15. very nice portrait

  16. that pooch looks thrilled by the smooch… 😉

  17. Wow, a superb B&W, Elaine, i love its quality and the framing a lot, bravo, a great portrait (double portrait 😉

  18. Coco seems to like that !!! It is so beautiful the love !!! And your B&W is superb ! Bravoooo

  19. soooooo precious. The details you have captured of the face and body are wonderful.

  20. what a smoocher!

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