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  1. looks like a shot from 1920’s. excellent processing.

  2. i love the gritty feel in this photograph. and the signature on the right edge is really know how to make a picture look beautifully weathered.yummm… dill pickle potato chips. open the window, let some of the grit inside,maybe crush a chip in your hand. arm hanging from the window, let the windtake the crumbs, a tangible letting go of all your troubles. the birds and fish will take them stoically. it’s their nature. wash the grit from your hair when you get home.

  3. metta is a buddhist term for kindness. it is compassion, understanding and love, a way of relating to yourself, with others and with the world.and yes, it is possible to look in the void and see yourself but then it wouldn’t be a void, would it? a void is just the space between things.

  4. how are you, by the way? i hope your new bed is helping your back pain.

  5. i used to not believe in evil. but i know it exists. i don’t believe in the devil, but i think some people are devil-like becausethey don’t have any compassion. they consciously try to harm others.and they harm themselves too. evil is a form of mental illness.

  6. i’m glad that you are feeling better. pain can be debilitating; it colors everything else.the box springs will make a huge difference. your body will be in a more ‘natural’ position.and speaking of beds, i need to go find mine. i have to get up early tomorrow. n.n.

  7. Nice feeling of motion…while the background is still sharp.

  8. The atmosphere seems to be "out of the time", like a dream!

  9. i like the mysterious look and the textures here. cool processing as usual!

  10. Love the vintage feel, great shot and processing!

  11. Excellent! Love how the rail’s line bisects the image. As always – wonderful processing!

  12. Neat shot E, with your delicious processing.

  13. Beautiful achievement, picture taken at the outset of a car moving, beautiful texture and special

  14. As if you took in journey in an another time ! Excellent ! i like it very much !

  15. Interesting picture. I like your processing- cool and very suitable for this motive. Great (like many of your photos on the blog!

  16. processing makes it look like a much older picture! Happy picture taking!

  17. Hey…I love what you’ve done with this one. The feel is very vintage and in the moment. (*wink)

  18. I like the image, the mood and processing – the new eye in your home page is a little bit scary but very beautiful

  19. I just jump off that bridge & want to drown in your beauties, Elaine. Another gem that captured my soul. You are the healing one & I’m tje lucky one ’cause we found us. Great photograph! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  20. sensational

  21. Nice driveby shot. Seems like its from another time.

  22. An exceptional capture. I’m guessing your were a passenger in an automobile driving over this bridge. Don’t you wish you could have the bridge all to yourself and take a bunch of pics? I have bridges I’d love to be able to do that on.

  23. Very nice gritty feel in this image.

  24. love it …. looks vintage !

  25. I really enjoy this image. I have not thought much about shooting from a moving vehicle. What a great concept. There’s something about the motion that really transports me into your image. Nice!

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