Foggy Outlook

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  1. I like the new lay out , very dramatic!

  2. Nice dramatic, surreal feel.

  3. your header is intense! i like it. it looks a bit crazy.your foggy picture makes me feel smalllike an animal looking up from the forest floorthere’s a hawk up there circling for dinneri can’t see it but i know its therei should be burrowing deeper into the leaves

  4. i would have remembered that photo. i guess we didn’t know each other then.i think little birds "chase off" big birds to divert them from eating baby birds.a couple of years ago, we had a blue jay nest in the bush outside one of our windowsand luckily i happened to be looking when a hawk flew into the bush. i screamedan awful scream. it scared him and he flew off. i guess he didn’t get hungry enough to risk hearing me scream again… he never came back.

  5. Fogg in the morning, too the top for the donkey!It’s fairyland!

  6. Today all the fog will lift here in Gorinchem, Elaine. I hope it lifts for you, too! 🙂

  7. what a beautiful effect, it almost looks like silver gelatin

  8. Gorgeous..moody landscape!! The new template header is powerful. So you put this together!!!

  9. A dark landscape… I hope the sun will rise after all.

  10. Ooooh, you want to (try to) scare us with this new presentation ? Reminds me of Misery’s cover ;))) I’m not afraid, nope ! Love the green eye i see here ! and this majestuous forest of deep black trees too, yep ! And i’ll be back, yep yep ;—)

  11. what a wonderful mood in conveys …. I can almost hear the wolves howling …. !

  12. brilliant dramatic shot.

  13. Hey girl, two points…. Your eye in the new header is absolutely fabulous, I love that shot. You look like Milla Jovovich in resident evil. Secondly the photograph today is absolutely superb. Layers and levels, moody and magnificent. Awesome on all counts and six stars out of five from me. Have a great weekend.

  14. A very beautiful achievement, a special flavour, bravo!

  15. Very mystery image, Elaine…and very well done.

  16. excellent b&w image – great mood

  17. You changed the image..I like it ALOT! Also, this is very goos shot! I love the feel of image.

  18. trees of all shapes and sizes.. i dig it.. 🙂 nice catch.. 🙂

  19. I love this….peaceful, thoughtful and yet creepy, all at the same time. Very cool!

  20. Very nice shot !

  21. You will lead me out of the drakness, out of the fog. I don’t know yet if I should follow because fog never looked sweeter & more beautiful than this gem. That is a one of a kind shot. That’s a mighty fine storytelling. Thanks for let me rest here a while & see through your eyes. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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