The Big Grey Barn


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  1. Looks old school

  2. that’s really old.. nice to see that it’s still in good condition.. 🙂

  3. That’s quite a nice barn. I’m glad you got the power line too:-)

  4. over 50 years old and it still looks brand new. does that seem suspicious, or what?it can’t be a working farm, i don’t see any tractors, beet trucks, fertilizer or cows.which means it’s a "front" for something. it’s probably a spy agency, or one of thoseparty barns that only international models and rich saudi princes know about.ooh, i might have already said too much. you didn’t hear that from me…

  5. Great shot, i like the processing, beautiful mood!

  6. a very nice barn , and so happy that you see the life in blue 😉 kiss kiss Elaine

  7. Super with the right part of the car like a triangle in the compo !

  8. A subtle..wonderful moody image. Love how you framed it with the outline of the car. Excellent!!!

  9. wow, excellent shot..that is really old school.

  10. I wonder how you achieve this "vintage " feel in most of your pictures… timeless as ever !

  11. Well, that’s depressing. Not the photo – it’s wonderful. But all the comments saying "Wow, that’s old!" I’m four years older than this place!

  12. Good to see this grand old barn still standing, love how you have presented thisYes I am back for good and hopefully pretty regularly except when travelling, AM3 is my priority now 🙂

  13. 1958 the year I born – noce colors and mood

  14. No donkey in it?

  15. I like the feel of this image..treatemnt works well here!!!

  16. Cool photograph. I like the processing a lot.

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