to pee or not to pee?


13 comments on “to pee or not to pee?”

  1. when in doubt, always’s not healthy to hold it in. out with the oldand in with the new.and either way, dancing is a perfectly acceptable exercise.

  2. rather than painting barstools, maybe you should have learned to paint fire hydrants.

  3. i’ll take being beautiful over health any’s a trick question.being beautiful means you’re healthy.that’s my best friend kristen in the picture.

  4. the barstool painting comment was re: a comment you made in my friend susan’s blog.she’s a wonderful artist.

  5. I love the question… Do not hesitate to pee even if the weather is not helpful!

  6. That reminds me…. Have you heard this one?TB or not TB,That is the conjestion.Consumption be done about it?Of cough, of cough,But it takes a lung, lung time.:D

  7. Always..definitely ‘to pee’!! FUN!!!

  8. To pee ! but not indoors 😉 Excellent ! and love her face, as if asking the permission ;))

  9. the dog is cute of course but I LOVE the photo of the fire hydrant

  10. Your dog is Uber -cute !

  11. Such a cute dog, but I really love that fire hydrant. Very clever Elaine, only you could be so creative. Excellent!

  12. very nice series – I love your color palette

  13. lol! i like the theme of these images you posted.. 🙂 very nice (and cute) shots.. 🙂

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