Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch…


the sign of the cross…

23 comments on “Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch…”

  1. Such a strong dramatic feel to this, well spotted super shot and love the processing

  2. Quick, E, run for your life… it looks like it’s about to topple over! Neat shot and very cool processing

  3. heaven bless the guy who keeps his wallet in his back pocket,because he would look silly indeed making the sign of the cross.and, ahem, not everybody has spectacles.you have a good eye for rail car graffiti.i’m still guessing which is your tag;it’s the one that begins with E, for elaine, right?

  4. Too many information for a poor donkey!

  5. looks so dramatic!

  6. Your title is so perfect!! Wonderful capture. And – I suppose the train was moving at the time??? Nice!!!

  7. I’m not sure i got the title except that i love it ;)) On the road now, go !

  8. Interesting graffiti, amazing how the cross seems to really stand out. Excellent contrasts, really like the angle of this shot too.

  9. I always like your vintage touch.

  10. anything can be stored in that piece of machinery, nice angle!

  11. I like the dramatic mood and light and the colors

  12. In theatre I was taught "spectacles, testicles, rings and watch" before leaving the dressing room. It is a reminder to make sure you don’t have the wrong things on your fly was done up.

  13. great shot!

  14. Great processing! 😀

  15. lol! say what?! 😀 that place sure looks like a nice place for a photo walk, did you roam around this place? 🙂

  16. This is vaguely disturbing in a rise of the machines sort of way. I like it a lot.

  17. cool image! Like this;) I like the effects around it and looks like some other image in the left side in the sky..interesting.

  18. You know I love tracks, trains, and everything to do with them. I find it interesting that the railroad car is empty.

  19. There’s a very old image of a man peering out of the world to see the clockwork beyond the sky. You reminded me.

  20. Very beautiful realization of this catch and special effect, good works.

  21. Very cool Elaine, the tones you chose really work for this one. Makes me think of rust and metal with a touch of decay 😉

  22. As always great post-processing … and if I haven’t told you, I like your creativ works!

  23. You don’t think your photography is any good???? This shot is awesome (I think), it’s good composition, great angle and well spotted. The pp work is superb-as always. I hope you don’t tear it down, you know I’ve been there myself more than once so come talk to me some more my friend 🙂

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