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  1. WOW the greens of this really pop, love how the moss is coverign the tree, I like all your shots but this one is probably my all time fav of all of them

  2. i knew her before she was a tree. she was always pretendinguntil it became a habit. she pretended like other people lie; onceyou score a lie enough times, it seems like a truth. it becomesconvincing in the odd light of its pretence.the moss came later, when her hair fell out and her skin becamerough and birds made their nests in ger crooks. she wears mosslike a coat. people come to picnic, but she has been still so long,her soul has vecome shy, she cannot speak to them above awhisper which sounds oddly like wind.at night she cries. her favorite time is when the sun pulls above the fogand dries her needles. she remembers why she wanted to be a tree.in time, she will stop pretending. life will leave some scars and themoss will turn brown, and she will become the tree. almost as ifshe was never anything else.she knows when you are there, so she stops making noise. a pretendtree only makes a noise when nobody is there. a bear rubs against her,a cone falls to the ground, needles cover the floor like a soft bed.

  3. My blogging friend, She said to me,I have the bloggers bluesYou see?The layout, pictures and the camera,Bored of these was she,For this I had much sympathy, ‘Cos this feeling too, it washes over me.But then, with a boom and flash,Inspiration it does return,Like a phoenix from the ash,Creativity abound, comes to fill our cache.So perhaps, except for she,So there’s no one happier than me,To see her produce such fantastic things,It fills my heart with glee!Elaine, I just love this sooooooooooooooo much 😀

  4. This is like something from a story! I LOVE it!! I also enjoyed your drain cover yesterday, it had an Asian feel to it. Great work Elaine!!

  5. This is awesome Elaine! I love green it makes me happy. I cannot WAIT for the Spring to get here. I have enough of this crap. I have my new lens now just waiting for the camera to arrive and if Spring gets here at the same time it is on baby.

  6. no, you don’t want dogs peeing on youalthough, that would mean you smell good enough to pee onfrom a dog’s p.o.v. you’re claimed territorythat’s a damn good compliment, isn’t it?

  7. Lovely image to view, and savor. There are a lot of little interesting areas all over, not just the tree itself, although it is certainly compelling. I sure enjoy the tones you use.

  8. Oh, I LOVE THIS! This is a fairyland tree, and elfin giggles can be heard coming from the vegetation. MAGIC happens in this place! I certainly hope you’ve printed this on metallic paper, framed it beautifully, and have it placed with a light "just so." That’s what *I* would do! …giving it the honor it’s due. Oh yes, Elaine, this one is so very very special!!!! ~ Julie

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