19 thoughts on “bark at the MOON

  1. i suppose it is one of the first things you learn: keep your tail tucked.after being stepped on, rolled over, caught in the door, a puppy learnsto mind his tail. oddly, it’s the opposite for boxers, which is perhapswhy boxers customarily get their tails bobbed. boxers are toldnever tuck your thumb in your fist, because you will break your thumb.tuck your tail, untuck your thumb, life can be confusing sometimes.

  2. i’d pick having a thumb over a tail. it’s hard enough to find clothes that fitwithout taking into account different-sized tails.wearing your heart on your sleeveis a sign of enlightenment. it gives yousomething on which to wipe your nosebesides your sleeve. and it looks cooler than those little alligators other people wear on their shirts.plus an opposable thumb allows you to grasp thingsthat you couldn’t otherwise grab, like a tissue.

  3. i know better. i don’t know. coco is a she. coco is a she.repeat 100 times. coco is a she.conversations with jesus are either one-sidedor i’m talking to myself and answering.i’m too afraid to ask for signs anymore.

  4. I don’t hide, so you don’t have to seek but I bark at the moon most every night. That’s what makes the night so damn interesting. Great photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. I was so very sorry to read what happened to your beloved pup. I’ve only ever had two dogs and I’m too much of a coward to fall in love with another.

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