Porch Chair

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  1. Awesome! I love how the railing breaks up the frame and leads the eye. I also like the red chair on the fuzzy blue background. Kind of a David Lynch feel.

  2. i want a porch! especially when summer comes, and it is starting to get darkand everything seems to slow and grow quiet except maybe the sound ofkids playing somewhere. and you get to wish on the first star you seebecause there are never enough opportunities to wish the same wishesyou almost always wish. or to wish for things you already have, so you don’tlose them. and then after a while, when it gets really dark and maybe it’s timefor goosebumps, you get up and turn the house lights on and go inside.

  3. I think you have been busy, busy, busy. You should sit down in this wonderful chair and take a break. It looks so inviting! Perhaps I can join you for a chat?

  4. of course i’ll vote for your pet photoalthough it is difficult to tell which belly is whiter.

  5. if your hubby is a collector, he probably already has a frame. somewhere. maybe under this pile, or that one.

  6. i hope you at least put his pencil drawings into sandwich bagsto protect them. it would be a shame to lose them to age or rotor a leaky ceiling. put them in plastic, or pick one of his best on hisbirthday and frame it, maybe it will encourage him to draw more.look at me talking– i should make a print of one of my comics and now it’s three years later and i still haven’t done any of them.

  7. thanks elaine, but i don’t have 776 holes in the wall to cover up with framed comics.

  8. I have a feeling that chair has a very special meaning to someone!I think we need to convince Seraphine to make a book of all her comics. I do believe it would sell…put into the right publisher’s hands!

  9. Reminds me of the old chair on my grandmother’s porch. Love the colors..and how you used the hoizontal lines of the rail to split things up. Happy memories!!!

  10. I’d go for that chair. Looks real comfy. I like the design and color of the different fabrics.

  11. It looks so inviting 🙂

  12. The lines are great in this shot and I too like how they break up the frame. Nice shot Elaine, and of course I like your post production as it puts you touch on things 🙂

  13. Such a cool shot love how the window divides up the shot, now that the weather is warming I wish we had a porch or even a balcony to enjoy the warmer evenings

  14. I never realized that you were that old, E….. So you have one of those comfy chairs I see that doubles as a comode, with the safety rails on the outside to stop you falling out when you doze off, or forget what it was you were doing when you sat down! I bet the next photo will be of your walk in bath with the side opening door, and the stair lift….I do like the very practical tartan blanket though, did you knit that yourself…. ha haA phobia of moths…. they are the most gentle and beautiful of creature on this planet. I love to be in the butterfly gardens and have them land on me.

  15. Such a cozy chair. I like the softness of the image.

  16. Positively glowing, a lovely comfortable chair placed in a special position….. !

  17. It seems a relaxing seat.

  18. love the subtle yet vivid colors you captured here.. i think that’s a really good color combination.. beautiful shot.. 😀

  19. It must be nice sitting there when it’s raining.

  20. love the details on the sofa elaine. =)

  21. lovely, Elaine. I really like the feel of this image with the vignette effect. nice work!

  22. We moved into a house once that was filled with chairs like that – some even bigger and some tiny ones too for the children. We called them tank chairs.

  23. "I wonder how long it will take ’til we’re alone / Sitting on the front porch of this home / Stomping our feet on the wooden boards / Never gonna worry about locking the door" (The White Stripes)I will sit down right there & you won’t get rid of me. That’s so inviting, Elaine. Great piece of imagery! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  24. I like the way the chair is divided into sections.

  25. great work my friend – excellent image

  26. Lovely atmosphere in this one. I love the heavy vignetting. Feels very relaxed. 🙂

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