Negative Space

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  1. This is so cool, as the title says wonderful use of negative space, and love the vivid well lit greens

  2. Very nice negative space it is. Without the leaf there I would be left wondering if I was looking at asphalt or outer space!

  3. i’m not sure what percentage of the universe is space, but i suspect it is greater than 99%.

  4. that’s the thing- if something is possible, then by definition it is going to happen.meteors, infidelity, bubbles, plane crashes, global cooling, babies, the end of the world-it’s all going to happen. that’s the thing with probability and risk modeling- people neverthink the best case will happen, or the worst. one day, the needle in the haystack getsfound, the million to one shot wins, health care reform happens and you will be primeminister of canada. it will rain cats and dogs, and chocolate cookies get soggy in milk.

  5. smiles. yes, it’s possible i’m "messing" with you.

  6. "Is a hope that somehow you / You can save me from this darkness" (Bonnie Prince Billy)This is excellent. My kind of minimalism. Thanks for getting me out of the house & find such beauty. Love it, my dear, can’t help but love it! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. Perfectly simple..and simply perfect. Love the ‘glow’ of that green!!!

  8. negative space? mmm.. but it’s a great composition and it gives you a great morning mood 🙂 thanks for sharing

  9. Simple and Elegant and very very cool. The textures, color and light is fantastic. Love it!

  10. nice! it works for me..very dreamlike.

  11. that green leaf does stand out very well amidst the asphalt surrounding it.. nice use of ‘negative space’ .. ;D

  12. I like the vignetting the details on the asphalt

  13. Excellent detail

  14. The green makes a positive statement on the mottled black.

  15. Great shot, love the texture and sharpness!

  16. nice and simple. i really like this! the leaf looks so crisp!!

  17. Negative space has a lot to be said for it, Elaine, as you have well-demonstrated here. 🙂

  18. Ohh I like this one Elaine. Very cool colors here with the green and the grey.

  19. brilliant.!

  20. It looks like it’s floating in space.

  21. Very nice contrast and use of colors… spring is here…let the green come.

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