18 thoughts on “Tree Clique

  1. asparagus is funny. it makes your pee smell. i didn’t notice ituntil one day i did. that smell is the only reason i don’t eat asparagusevery day. google says only 22% of people can smell it. it may begenetic; you need a certain gene to break down a compound calledmethyl mercaptan that’s in asparagus. it’s chemically similar to thestinky scent a skunk makes. but if that is true, why didn’t i smell it before i turned 30? yes, it is certain proof that i am a mutant.

  2. it’s a special treat, asparagus. but if i take one little bite,the smell happens. i might as well eat a full plate.i don’t think it’s like an allergy. it’s maybe allegorical?perhaps asparagus is a metaphor, or a silly simile.

  3. Black & white amkes me feel right. How I love your turnaround for a short moment. Great monochrome, Elaine! One that goes straight to the heart & tell great stories about how being together feels less alone, making us feeling stronger. Love it, my dear! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  4. Managed forests grow like marshalled armies – still beautiful but somehow unnatural in formation. Squirrels and other small creats prefer diversity.

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