Feed me Seymour!

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  1. So, from your title I’m wondering if you bought "Fish Tycoon" App:-) It’s very addictive and the bad thing is you can’t take pics with it..lol

  2. Super work finding these matching colors, Elaine.Well done.MJ

  3. feed me seymour? the phrase sounds vaguely familiar.that’s from an old movie, with a people-eating plant or something?the sign reminds me of red lips and an open mouth. ahh, that’s it!

  4. What a fun title!!! And – what great colors in this. Love how the sign glows!!!

  5. Now i’m afraid you have to explain me your super title 😉 Intriguing shot too ! All this help me awake 😉

  6. well, same here.. you’ve got some explaining to do.. ;D

  7. Haha, the Little Shop of Horrors takes to the city streets, devouring street signs and anything that gets in its path! Everybody run! Mothra! Godzilla! Gamera! Release the Kraken!

  8. I love how it lights up 😀

  9. little shop of horrors. that’s what the movie was. thank you mark."A nerdish florist finds his chance for success and romance with the help of a giant man-eating plant who demands to be fed." per IMDb.

  10. Fun title and vivid colors, so cool

  11. That is too awesome. Love how all the light in the center focuses attention and then the triangle points down to the grass.

  12. I get the reference! I’m so excited! Usual I have no idea what you kids are on about… Great shot.

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