Oh Rocky!

I got an iPhone, and if you look at the top menu, i started an iPhone blog for silly pictures, well sillier.. 🙂

17 comments on “Oh Rocky!”

  1. A very pretty image. Congratulations and now I’m headed for your iPhone site.

  2. nicely done …. cool focus effects

  3. we cancelled our cell accounts a few weeks ago to save money.wouldn’t it be funny if those weren’t really rocks but eggs?

  4. i love your ‘crappy’ iphone pictures.

  5. Wait. Is this one of your iPhone images, Elaine? If so, how cool is that! I’ll now go to your iPhone link to see if this is there, too. If so, I’ll have just answered my own question! 🙂

  6. What a great idea to have a listing of iphone pix. Love how the stones fill the frame!

  7. Feel like running to the beach – lovely salty lil’ pebbles

  8. The dark spaces are as, if not more so, interesting as the pebble themselves. It’s like they lead somewhere into an unknown dark cavern, what lies beneath? Or is my imagination getting carried away? ;O)

  9. ooh.. got a new toy eh? have fun with that.. 😀

  10. I love images of rocks! Wonderful image..

  11. "Like pebbles on a beach / Kicked around, displaced by feet / Like broken stones – all trying to get home" (Paul Weller)Elaine, I’m running out of words. Truly running out of words. What an amazing beauty, what a great composition. Love it, my dear. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  12. congratulations on the iphone elaine. and this photo has great textures and awesome light!

  13. I want an iphone! Nicely shot.

  14. Pretty pebbles, says Bam-Bam!

  15. Ah! This one could do a nice new background to your blog! ;-)Nice.MJ

  16. Quite pretty photograph of mixture of rollers, cheer!

  17. Love the range of colors on these rocks.

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