Over Coffee…

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  1. Nice portrait – such soft lighting. But I wonder if he found anything good in the paper??

  2. Gorgeous light!! Love how you’ve caught him focused..and in his own world.

  3. Superb!

  4. This is a very soft portrait, Elaine, i like its quietness, a peaceful moment very well caught.

  5. loved that soft lighting and glow!

  6. Where’s the coffee? Always need a cup of coffee to jump start the morning. Like the calmness portrayed in this shot, Elaine. The soft lighting and and shadows create a pleasant and wonderful portrait, very well done.

  7. Great portrait love the lighting, he looks deep in thought

  8. Nice candid! I like the bright white light.

  9. Wonderful portrait – he seems really intent on what he is reading!

  10. Such a soft portrait. I think I may know how you did this. (How come you’re not telling?)

  11. coffee & paper in the morning.. that’s typical.. i go for coffee & surfing.. lol! 🙂 nice catch!

  12. Near a window is simply the best possible place for a portrait :-)Nice use of beautiful natural light, Elaine.MJ

  13. coffee is one of my favorite times of the day. i only drink it in the morning.i drink passion tea at starbucks, chamomile tea, bottled tea and tea with cinnamon the rest of the day. hubby seems intent on the newspaper. it’s an awesome picture– he has a great mug even if you don’t show his coffee cup.

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