this is an older pic of me when i still had hair and it wasn’t blonde

12 thoughts on “Self clicky clicky

  1. I hope you hadn’t been crying, Elaine? If you had been standing in front of me then, I would have put my arms around you and just held you tight!

  2. ok guys, i wasn’t sad, i think i just had a look of concentration on my face… that’s just the way i look!! lolol

  3. remember wax lips? stores used to sell them for halloween. i wonder whatever happened to them? somebody probably tried to drink hot chocolate with them on, melting the wax and choking them, so the lips had to be taken off the market. or they were found to contain harmful amounts of lead.

  4. somebody put up mean comments? i guess its better thatsometimes i don’t read all the comments, just a few fromthe people whom i recognise. mean people should go toabscess hollywood or somewhere else where they fit in better.

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