I remember posting this picture before and somebody said ‘i don’t get it…’ and i had to explain combustion engines and the differences between trucks and cars and this was a VAN….

11 thoughts on “I don’t get it….

  1. I know the difference between cars, trucks, and vans, but what was there to "not get". You know somebody would ask that, right? Right:-)

  2. That is a stunning image, Elaine. Looks like a painting. Your composition of lights, contrasts & colours always make me want more, more, more! So please deliver more, sweetheart. Love it, can’t help but love it! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. nice catch!lol.. yeah, what’s there not to get..? i feel happy when i see the fed ex guy.. it’s a sign that there’s some new gadget for me to play around with.. hehe..

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