Coco Learns to Read..

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  1. really nice capture, Elaine. i like the grain in this one. it gives it a really natural feel, I think. And it does look like the dog was just reading the book!!! 😀

  2. I like this; it looks like Coco is defending his master. You just try coming near, camera lady! 🙂

  3. That Coco was ahead of his time, Elaine. What a memory.

  4. Oh i love this grainy B&W so much, not to mention your title and both their expression (and now i can even picture yours while shooting ;)) SUPER !

  5. Protecting his master ! What a fantastic dog you have !

  6. He’s so attentive to you…and almost unaware of the sleeping person next to him. Love it!!!

  7. That’s a very thoughtful expression on coco…love the intensity and treatment of the photo. Love your work. Cheers!!!

  8. Loooove this one. You are going to town with that processing! Great shot.

  9. Thank yoo so much for the encouraging comment on my blog. The borders have been created by me on Adobe Illustrator using brush strokes…its fairly simple. If yoo are familiar with this software I can tell yoo how to do it exactly. Smiles!!!

  10. Ooh, I like the effect. Nice contrast, too.

  11. ..and he’s got good choice too.. ;D nice capture.. 🙂

  12. aww! lovely pic

  13. Love the contrast of awake Coco versus Sleeping Husband. And while we’re on the subject, all the contrast in the black and white is groovy as well.

  14. a dog that is protective of books is a special dog indeed.

  15. I think Coco is developing a personality. This is a wonderful b+w work.

  16. Hehe, if your dog is the one learning to read, why is your hubby falling asleep. I thought those who read fall asleep first. lol.

  17. Nice to see Coco again. I can’t quite make out the title, but it seems to be a real page-turner.

  18. Looks like a roll reversal. I find it quite funny how in most of your photos he is usually sleeping =)

  19. Good capture. I like the tone and the grains effects. Good

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