Home is where the heart is…

This is the kind of stupid trailer park we live in, that trailer in the middle sold for $120,000, and the pad rent is edging up toward a thousand dollars a month, it’s very insulting to have to live in a trailer park for the price we could have a gorgeous home for in other places…

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  1. Well judging from the photo, it looks like a creative and exciting mobile home agglomeration with groovy lighting! Which totally accounts for the premium.

  2. it looks like a nice park. i’ve seen worse places to live.

  3. Move north, babe. I have a deal for you.

  4. in almost everything- it is the extraordinary event that makes news. the more sensational the story, the better it is.nobody wants to hear about the glue that holds everything together. it’s the snags everyone wants to hear about.i’m fine. they say we’re going to have a sunny, warm weekend. i can’t wait to enjoy it. we’re going to go to santa cruz!

  5. This is so American for a parisian, and lovely in a certain way, colors, shapes, but i can surely understand what you mean about the amount, things are getting the same in Paris, so expensive you know…

  6. I would never have thought this a ‘trailer park’. Looks like a really nice place…albeit – a tad expensive! Love the processing..as always.

  7. A home of one’s own. It’s the American dream! — Oh, that’s right – you’re Canadian.

  8. you call this a trailer park? it looks more beautiful than what i’ve seen here in the south.. hmm.. maybe i should capture some of them.. but then, i’m scared of those people.. lol! ;D

  9. Home is where the heart is. My heart is right here. And I’ll stay. You manage to even make the insult looking brilliant. Great photograph & a mighty fine frame! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  10. It looks like a nice place, but the pad rental sounds a lot higher than I would expect. I lived in a trailer park when I got out of the Coast Guard and went to college, but the entire "park" was only 4 spots of .25 acre each in the middle of the desert. it was out in the boonies near Las Cruces, New Mexico. I enjoyed my time living there, and my "park" neighbors were great (one of them was my best friend at the time).

  11. It’s not like your average trailer park, Elaine, so that’s why it must be that expensive!

  12. WOW the prices you mentioned surprised the heck out of me never expected them to be so high, but your shot makes them look very stylish

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