Face plant..

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  1. That looks most uncomfortable. I like the processing, the colors have a very 1970s feel to them.

  2. That is one tired dude! I can totally relate! Great shot, Elaine.

  3. i tried to grow face plants. maybe i didn’t fertilize them well enoughbut more likely i forgot to water them.they say to not make faces becausethey can become frozen, and thenyou are stuck with that face forever.

  4. Nice processing – I’ll bet he breaks a lot of frames!

  5. Your treatment is just fabulous Elaine! Great work!

  6. Oh, excellent sensation as if he was slowly growing from under the earth and pushing it up ! This will give a superb big baobab with very rare fruits, lemme tell ya, guyz !

  7. Doesnt look to comfortable, but makes for a cool shot, nice processing, sorry I havent visited for a couple of days, been very hectic here

  8. aw sleepy husband!! cool processing

  9. great moment – is he breathe?

  10. ahaha! you’ve titled this shot quite perfectly.. ;D great catch too.. 😉

  11. too funny !

  12. Like this concept..funny also:))

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