Blue Blue Blue..

12 comments on “Blue Blue Blue..”

  1. I find it hilarious when Coco is awake and your husband is asleep!

  2. A super painterly feeling, a real canvas – congrats, Elaine !

  3. I agree with SD. That Coco sure was always aware of YOU, Elaine.

  4. Love how Coco is looking up at you – so sweet and trusting. And those blues are awesome!!!

  5. boy! those two love taking naps!

  6. Blue is my favourite colour, Elaine. And your blue is my all time favourite colour. And Blue Blue Blue is the best title ever. So don’t make me blue but play me your blues! Great shot, my dear! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. Great blues and pinks and yellows and the guardian and rip van winkle.

  8. Beautiful processing, great colors and great moment! Excellent work!

  9. great moment, processing and colors

  10. i do like the vintage, cross processed look you gave this.. it looked like coco wanted to get up already.. 🙂 nice shot!

  11. like a painting, nice effect, i think your wee dog is so cute!

  12. awww. coco is like a flower growing in a flannel crannie.

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