Command Centre

This is my husband’s command centre, needless to say it makes me crazy and he is in high need of organizational skills!

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  1. Well I’m not one to judge another man’s domain especially since mine isn’t much better. Great shot Elaine, maybe this image will give him the push to get organized. You got me thinking that too. Definitely a thought provocative image.

  2. He needs more empty Mountain Dew cans if he is going to achieve 1337 haxx0r sk1llz! But that mess is a good start. Oh, and loads of empty pizza boxes too. I like how the sense of disorganization and general chaos are enhanced by the processing.

  3. Hmmm…you think he’s not organized?(kidding)Well..I have to say this does make a rather intriguing shot nonetheless… 🙂

  4. and i bet if you moved even one thing, he’s not only notice, but he’d never be able to find it again on his own.

  5. I completely understand…but it did give you a great photo op! Wonderful treatment and colors!

  6. Well, take a look at the desk of Albert Einstein – .And to quote Al, "If a Cluttered Desk is a Sign of a Cluttered Mind, What’s an Empty Desk a Sign Of?"I generally keep Homer Simpson slippers under my desk.

  7. superbe le traitement des couleurs, ca met bien en valeur le capharnaüm …

  8. ….after the passage of a hurricane? : )

  9. Have you shown him the picture?? Sometimes people don’t have a sense of the spaces they are living/working in until they can get an objective view. The chaos – however – does make for a wonderful image. Great color and life!!!

  10. The creative ones need chaos. And it does make an excellent picture, Elaine. And once again your colours knock me off my feet. Beautiful, anarchistic, great! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  11. every boy needs a command center…..!

  12. Its the workspace of a criminal mastermind! 🙂

  13. lol. It just looks like my dad’s office. My mom gets crazy everytime she visits his office. She gets everything organized and put things back in place. Then my dad gets crazy because he can’t find his stuffs among in his newly-organized office. 🙂

  14. lol! that’s how guys work.. ;D

  15. i love the vibrant color processing in this…so attention-grabbing!!!

  16. I love your controlled chaos! And your processing adds a special dimension to it.

  17. Sorry Elaine! The comment on controlled chaos is mine. I’m at my parent’s and forgot that I would need to fill in my info again. I do love your photo! My command centre is currently my MacBook or iPhone whenever I can grab a minute!

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