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  1. I couldn’t handle a bookcase right next to the bed – I would stay awake reading too much. I like the curious placement of a light in this photo.

  2. LOL at Mark. And I was thinking I was glad there’s someone left who still reads! 🙂

  3. The flash of bright light, the deep beautiful dark, i just love the mood created here and the mysterious story one can figure out of it

  4. Wonderful..mysterious light. Love it in b&w!!!

  5. First is splendid for this play of light and the black and white reinforce it, cheer, well with you. Roland

  6. Love the b&w spookyness of this one Elaine, cool pic!!

  7. looks like some home improvements are going on there.. 🙂 that’s a nice moody lighting.. 😀

  8. that is eerie light. i remember lying in bed as a kidtrying to make sense of shadows. the chair lookedlike a ghost. something in the closet was looking at me.luckily, if i didn’t move, they couldn’t see me eitherso it was a stand-off until i fell asleep. they werealways gone by morning, but i never left my shoesunder the bed just in case…

  9. Your monochromes are such a pure pleasure to look at, Elaine. And I must confess that’s my kind of imagery. Tear it down & build it up a new. You are a philosopher, sweetheart that captures some of the finest photographs. A new favourite! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  10. Looks like my place!

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