14 comments on “Picture”

  1. I like the processing, it adds a mysterious edge to the otherwise bucolic park scene.

  2. now this is beautiful! i dig how you processed this! 😉

  3. Beautiful, Elaine ~

  4. As we say, ‘picture perfect,’ Elaine. I like the couple sitting on the bench…like from an old-timey photo album. 🙂

  5. fascinanting composition

  6. Love how you framed this one. Very nice!!!

  7. I do like the processing of this, it looks like you cut out the shape of a jam jar or something 🙂 Looks cool

  8. you are in a spring mood – excellent processing and presentation

  9. This one feels like I’m somehow in one season looking through a to the next.

  10. Excellent little peek into a lovely garden.

  11. love the processing! very cool

  12. Interesting processing. The couple facing away from the center gives the photo focus. Pass the Monet, please.

  13. this is like a scene from a dream

  14. Looks like a secret garden. A place to hide. A place to be together where we can heal each others wounds & scars. A green frame like a monument, a magical photograph, Elaine!All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

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