16 thoughts on “Unfriendly Giants

  1. Hi Elaine i have missed my visits lately….sorry i’ve been busy:(….. but this photo of the Unfriendly Giants is fantastic….i love the way that you framed them against a menacing sky….not only that but you even through a crane for good measure lol!!!….xx oo ….peter:)

  2. Places like this would sure still look threatening if you had used a rose-tint filter. I can well remember the concept of building upward was slated to offer all those empty green spaces to enjoy at ground level . . . oh, yes ?!

  3. I’m glad to see the crane, I was concerned for a minute that the space for storing yuppies would run out and they might move into your neighborhood.I’m really not a fan of this new template.

  4. Elaine, that’s my point of view. My kind of processing. My kind of frame. It’s all in there: Concrete, steel & glass. Coldness, urbanity & beauty. A new favourite! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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