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  1. if i never see another hospital, that will be fine by me. not that this isn’t an excellent photo. it is a fine photo indeed.

  2. It is a great shot Elaine….your should save this picture because hospitals are closing every day…..the want to send us all to clinics or to old age homes!!! at 365 you know where they will be sending me LOL!!!…..thanks for the well wishes tonight girl….xx oo….peter:)

  3. A really beautiful hospital..if hospitals can be considered beautiful!!!

  4. A funky hospital has got to make someone feel better about having to go there, right?! 🙂 But I hope you don’t ever have to, Elaine. I wouldn’t mind working there. 🙂

  5. fine capture of the hospital. I like the light flare on the right.

  6. The atrium is interesting. It looks like the bow of a ship plowing through the earth. You gave it that cross-processed look and it adds to the photo. By the way, when the cat video on the home page popped up, I about jumped out of my chair.:) I wasn’t expecting it!

  7. Drive by shooting at it’s best, my dear. Never following the arrows always breaking the rules & creating another beauty. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. I love the light leak effects on this photo. The building is quite appealing in itself, and you have captured it’s beauty and majesty perfectly.Then again, your photos always blow me away x

  9. for a hospital, the architecture ain’t too bad.. not like those droll ones i usually see.. nice catch! 🙂

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