Sky Train

8 comments on “Sky Train”

  1. I like this photo. It’s cool the way the sun is behind the train.

  2. I´ve had to ride a couple of those from one plane terminal to another over the years, Elaine. Now I have to remember just exactly where! I love the effect on what appears to be a sunny day.

  3. Love the ‘backlighting’. Such wonderful blue tones – color and processing.

  4. Radiant shot, Elaine. Love the glowing burst of light! Superb framing as well with the horizontal train line and vertical building.

  5. I won’t say anything about the cool processing. :)love the atmosphere.

  6. I dig the image overall and your clever use of backlighting to add impact to the photo. I like how one non-conformist has tied their curtains in the middle.

  7. love the tone and the light

  8. i like the feel of motion and the color palette is fantastic.

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