Curious Cat

my apologies if i have posted this pic before, google plus has numbed my brain 🙂

8 comments on “Curious Cat”

  1. The cat seems drawn to a mystical light here!

  2. he is looking at something ,,,,,,,,, nice shot

  3. This really is a great shot, E. Your cat has some personality.

  4. What a terrific silhouette. Love the shape of the cat as she reaches and stretches.

  5. Cute shot. It makes me laugh because we have an outside cat (Mowie) that expects to be let in first thing in the morning when i get up. No delays. This morning I committed the crime of making myself a bowl of cereal before letting Mowie in. Well… 5:10am and I’m sitting in the dark at the dining room table eating cereal, glance over at the window and there is Mowie standing in the windowsill staring at me and being very vocal (VERY vocal kitty). I about did a cereal spew laughing.

  6. cool. I really like the light and color here.

  7. You can post this as many times as you like for me !

  8. does that mean this cat is gonna die? 🙂

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