Take Everything…

The sky looks on with shame and fear, the land is blood… and your houses stand empty, except a starving dog, who waits for you to come home once again…

5 comments on “Take Everything…”

  1. And let me tell you baby … I am the starving dog that waits for you to come home again because these skies are frightening but your sky is beautiful like everything you do to me is beautiful.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. The dream, the dream…the terrible dream is a reality. Shudderingly good with too many echoes in my mind.
    Crazy-good free-flowing processing. I think, Elaine, that it is time for you to write your book.

  3. this image is as dramatic as your words today Elaine !!… but i see a break in the cloud… mountains and trees… the starving dog will still greet you at the door… and make you smile again….peter:)

  4. The rape and pillage of Mother Earth will one day cease, I pray, and we all can go home to rest?!

  5. May God bless his children of all ages…. xoxoxox….peter the fisherman:)

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