Bush baby

There’s a bush in the bush!

10 comments on “Bush baby”

  1. Very nice composition.

    1. thanks, Michael x

  2. i like your take on this, Elaine

    1. Thank you, Ayush!! it reminded me of a few things 🙂

  3. But is it on fire???? HA! And is that a little red-breasted bird trying to fly away (top-right)? 😀

    1. wow!!! you have a good eye, sister!! i had to look hard for the bird!

  4. lovely composed image

    1. kinda scary bush tho lol

  5. How…uh…bushy! It does have an interesting “layered” look though. 🙂

    1. the green bush might be trying to eat the brown bush… we don’t know yet 🙂

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