My husband is my food angel. I’m amazed at how he cooks and makes food healing and good for me.
Even if I could cook, it wouldn’t be good or healing. It’s like that movie/book ‘Like Water For Chocolate’… maybe it’s just coz we love each other 🙂

9 thoughts on “Heart of the Kitchen

  1. It’s the love. That’s what makes it work–a two-way street that not everyone has the privilege of experiencing.

  2. No kitchen even starts without this “heart,” Elaine. I really like the image. You’re very lucky to have Hubby’s cooking, I know.

    1. Oh, I am soooo blessed. I knew I would never cook, but had planned on picking up dinner every night from a restaurant on the way home from work! I was very stupid when I was young!

  3. a compact shot that pretty much shows the essentials, Elaine. i am afraid i lack the patience to cook anything that might take longer than ten minutes to prepare!

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