Pretty Baby

‘draw me like one of your french poodles’ hehe ‘Titanic’ reference.

10 comments on “Pretty Baby”

  1. HAHA! If only she knew, Elaine. 🙂

    1. like dave barry said ‘if my dog doesn’t like being featured here, she should unplug my computer’ lol

  2. Cool photo ! Nice day to you!

    1. thanks, Roland! She does look so pretty in it, doesn’t she? lol Nice day to you too!

  3. well she did strike a pose, Elaine!

    1. i knoooow, she is soooo adorbs!! lol

  4. She is starting her own “Vogue Paris” portfolio…

    1. hehe, i know right… she does rather look like she is striking a pose, as Madonna would say in the song ‘Vogue’ 🙂

  5. awh, her tongue doesn’t fit in her mouth? or was she licking?

    1. no, her tongue doesn’t fit in her mouth, the poor baby doesn’t seem to mind tho xoxox

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