I had a friend when I was young who would say drug induced things while we were borrowing my dad’s van… like ‘Are we in a convoy?’ and ‘Are we careening?’
Stuff I had no response to πŸ™‚

Her name was Laura, and she had a tiny niece, called ‘Bean.’ And Bean couldn’t pronounce Laura’s name and called her ‘Auntie War’… hehe get it? anti-war?

19 thoughts on “PEACE!!

  1. I’m old; I suppose that I can admit that and maybe take you back in time just a bit. First, though, your photo (which I like, Ma’am) made me think of The Grateful Dead and their song “Truckin.” In February, 1969, during my last semester of college, I went to a concert in St. Louis, MO where the Dead opened for The Iron Butterfly (Inna Gadda Da Vida). (That combination seemed strange even then.) I bought tickets for $15 and sat almost on the stage. The Dead ruled and Iron Butterfly was spot on, but it was the Dead that stood out. That was 50 years ago, obviously, and I think my youth is somewhere on that truck you photographed. πŸ™‚
    PS–I couldn’t hear for three days!

    1. well, in 1969 i was a bebe, a wee child, so i don’t really know about the dead, but of course i know the inna gadda da vida song!! one time i made a joke and said ‘wow, i always thought he was saying ‘in a garden of eden’… and some captain obvious dude explained the story to me lol.. way to ruin my joke… $15 for concert tickets, i can’t relate to that lol the last concert i went to was Tom Waits in an intimate-ish venue that sold out in less that 3 minutes and i was in 8th row centre… i think the tickets were like $170… but it was worth it… if you know tom waits, you know the ‘Mule Variations’ tour was probably one of his best ever. you know, i did see ‘deep purple’ in some come back tour in my younger days… i thought ‘who the hell is deep purple???’ then at the concert i realized i knew all the songs from having a transistor radio up to my ear while i road my tricycle lol… thanks for the story… getting old means we have seen some legendary stuff…

  2. what i like most about this shot, Elaine, is the typical design of cabs in N America. the only ones i like better are the older, more squarish designs.

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