My husband’s factory, whistle while you work… or lip sync ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’..

watch the guy on the right...

14 thoughts on “Work and Work

  1. Ah, industrial atmospheric improvement. The scent of progress. (Sorry, Giles.)
    Oh, those crazy Israel police. LOL.

  2. The image actually reminds me of The Wall Trump wants to build (sigh). But OMG, watching and listening to that video. I hope they’re as good at policing as they are lip-syncing! HA!

    1. i thought trump was already building that wall.. well, i’m canadian, forgive me lol… and i knooooow, esp the guy on the right, sooo good, it was probably his idea to do it on the police cam 🙂

    1. once i made an HDR photo of that corner of the building, years ago, and that steam came out black as coal dust in that picture 🙂 sorry, didn’t mean to be menacing and i’m glad the video cheered you up 🙂

      1. I know you were not menacing… you know the song I attached in my last article of my blog is also alled in our language “The song of the child in the wind” and says “in Auschwitz the smoke was going uo slowly” .
        Great photo anyway…when a photo brings up emotion is always a good photo 🙂

      2. oh my gosh!!! that was probably a combination of triggers! that the smoke was rising and that the police are from Israel… ugh, sorry!!

  3. how interesting! i wish i could have some shots of some the places i worked at, Elaine, but it was not permitted.

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