The Church Song

I used to date the keyboard player of a band that did this song… I don’t think anyone knew the name of it, they just called it ‘The Church song’… aaaah, the 80s, when guys looked better in makeup than I did.

The Church… in an unguarded moment you can get in trouble.

so deep, deep without a meaning, I knew you'd find me leaving...

14 comments on “The Church Song”

  1. The Church Song! (sigh) Those were the days….when we all looked so different back then! But at least the church still looks like a church! It even has a bell. How sweet.

    1. yep!! shoulder pads and eyeliner lol do you know that song?? the church… well, my church pictures sure can’t hold a candle to YOUR church pictures!! 🙂

  2. Though I am not familiar with the song or the group, I do recognize the “look”. Your church looks quite charming.. Friendship

    1. I always take pictures of churches… they are charming, aren’t they? the church song came out in 1980 i think… but it was ‘new wave’… not completely mainstream… plus they got black balled by their record company right after that, so not a famous band…

  3. nice light falling across the church building

    1. just processing, sometimes when i can’t get a good framing of my subject, i process a little extra 🙂

  4. Nice music, good photo and beautiful times the 80s 🙂

    1. i was young and nervous in the 80s lol my fave decade was the 90s 🙂 just like in ‘The Matrix’… ‘when your species was at it’s peak’…. Thanks, robert xox

  5. Good photo. Good band and song. I like.

    1. awwww, thanks, Phil xoxoxox

  6. i was still young in that decade, but later on i came to appreciate the music from then and before, Elaine.

    1. hey now! lol i was still young in that decade too haha… i know, probably not quite as young as you xoxox

  7. 80’s was the best!

    1. ONE of the best anyway lol

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