Turn, Turn, Turn

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there is a season, turn turn turn…

it’s snowing like crazy out here, i’m tracking a package in canada post and it has said ‘out for delivery’ for two full days now, and it’s not here. i don’t like the person i become when tracking a package 🙂

to everything, there is a season… a time for very very bad haircuts lalala

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16 comments on “Turn, Turn, Turn”

  1. it looks like in France it turned so much, which made the snow totally disappearing in my region. turn, turn, turn, until tropical weather install itself over France 😉

    1. turn to spring! i love spring and fall, not so much summer 🙂 sweater weather is my fave!

  2. I love that song. right from the Bible. I hope your package arrives safe and sound soon. YOu image conveys your frustration. Friendship

    1. yes, from the Bible 🙂
      I’m not sure that package is ever going to arrive… I have never seen something ‘out for delivery’ that didn’t arrive the same day, and yes, FRUSTRATION lol thanks xox

  3. I’d give almost anything to see snow again, Elaine. This season here SHOULD have snow but nothing is forecast. (sigh) While we were out-n-about today, driving to and from Gouda, we even saw daffodils! That seems way too early!!! (sigh) Where’s the turn-turn-turn???

    1. I know you have been hoping for skating weather for a long time now… global warming can be sad… however HERE, we USED TO have flowers at Christmas time, and now we have snow 🙁

  4. lol at you don’t like the person you become when you’re tracking a package

    sounds like the snow is making things quite inconvenient. i recall winters like that in Ohio. i do so despise being held captive by the elements of winter.

    love the pic

    1. i got my package today! haha, good thing or i would have lost it and trashed this place hahaha…
      i dislike snow and it making everything STOP as well…
      thanks, sis xoxox

  5. If you shoot photos like this one when you wait for delivery, I would call that a blessing. Love the colours and the dynamics. Otherwise, I agree that those haircuts are pretty bad.

    1. awww, you’re so sweet to me, Otto, as always… xoxoxoxoxox!!

  6. The photo is beautiful! It bring back the emotion of a journey in winter time, the light is special, you must pay attention to driving, maybe there is snow or ice on the road, you turn on the stereo, ouside is cold …
    And the music is nice, love the sound of guitars….

    1. oh! i used to be from the coldest province! i loved when there was a blizzard that kept every one home! i would go blasting through the snow with my little front wheel drive car lol but i don’t like it when other people are on the road

      thanks robert xoxox

  7. Snow on postcards is my favorite kind. I will extend that to photos like yours. Pretty and far away from me.
    We have had a fussy winter so far with a bit of everything from rain, sleet, ice, snow, and even thunder.
    This poor old world is complaining about the abuse we’ve heaped on it, and I don’t blame it at all.

    1. yes, and God said He will destroy the people who destroy the earth!! eep!!

  8. i like the change of seasons, Elaine. so this too with ‘turn’ soon!

    1. i agree, Ayush!

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