Mom & Dad

For all y’all who thought I look like my mom. Perhaps you can see here, minus the chipped teeth, that it’s my dad i favour, got his eyebrows, his eyes, his nose was much shorter like mine, etc

"We're a happy family, me and mom and dad" ~The Ramones 1977

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  1. I love old family photos. Growing up everyone said I looked like my dad. As an adult I am told I look llike my MOM. ANd my kids ALL look like my hubby. Friendship

    1. well, if i didn’t have a younger brother who DOES take after my mom, i maybe wouldn’t know whether i got my looks from her… but people used to rave about how i looked like my dad! thanks, ruthie xox

  2. i see what you are saying, but you are a good mix of both your parents. they were both quite good looking and made a beautiful couple.

    1. i wish i had my mom’s nice long nose 🙂 yes, my parents were sizzlin’ when they were young haha, but our family has a weight gain gene on both sides 🙂

  3. That portrait is a treasure. The old fashions are so nostalgic, and, Sherri is right, your parents are very attractive. Yes, you do have family resemblances from both parents. (Kind of a natural thing, eh?)
    Thanks for sharing the photo!

    1. awww, you’re welcome, Phil… thanks for appreciating it! but as far as i can tell, the only thing i got from my mom was the abilty to gain 20 lbs in 2 weeks without changing how i eat!

  4. thank you for sharing this photo of the handsome couple, Elaine. and suddenly the thought came to my mind how they pick kids for movies to play the part of the children of some established actors, how the film people must go through countless faces to come up with the ‘resemblance’.

    1. indeed, Ayush! i always thought that my husband could play a younger Jean Luc Piccard from star trek lol but how would they find him haha

  5. I do see your father in you. But also some of your mother’s features. They were a lovely couple in the photo, weren’t they!

    1. yeah, they were pretty people …. only skin deep tho haha… thanks, Otto xox

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