Zoom Zoom Zoom

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zoom zoom zoom, yeah zoom zoom zoom

8 comments on “Zoom Zoom Zoom”

  1. Everyone is in such a hurry theses days. ZOOM ZOOM captures it all. Friendship

    1. yes, we are all ‘running to and fro’ for sure, sister

  2. i like how you capture the ‘into the curve’ of the street. the scooter is a bonus.

    1. i LOVE catching curves in the road lol thanks, sis!!

  3. Everything is nitty gritty about this photo – and I so like it. Feels like a strange world, like it’s stopped forever in no-mans land (of course it is – as a photo – but you get what I am trying to say?).

    1. yeah, it’s a mad max kind of a photo lolol great comment, Otto THNX! xoxox

  4. There’s a lot going on in that photo. I kept expecting a cop car to swerve through at high speed. Maybe I watch too much TV.

    1. lol have you seen the movie ‘Miss Potter’ about the writer of Peter Rabbit? he pictures come alive, and there was no tv back then lol hehe thanks, Phil

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